3 Reasons to Let Us Do the Cooking This Holiday Season

We get it. Holidays are stressful enough, and for many, this will be the first season in a while we’re spending with friends and family. Between decorating, meal prep, baking, and general social activities, there is already enough of your schedule taken up.

So let Barnoa do the cooking for you this holiday season! It’s not a cop-out to bring your friends and family to us. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Barnoa has great events happening all holiday season long! From our French Wine Tasting to our New Year’s Eve party to Taco Tuesdays and live music every, single weekend, there’s something fun and exciting happening nearly every single day at Barnoa. The only thing we’re missing is you. Be sure to check out our Events Calendar and see what is coming up soon.
  2. Just like during the rest of the year, we have amazing food and incredible wines and plenty of deals to suit any palate. There’s no reason to fret over whether or not this wine pairs well with this main course. Let us do the fretting for you so that you can enjoy that time catching up with friends and family. Be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram for new food and wine pics so you can always know exactly what we have on the menu.
  3. If they’re your friends and family, then they’re ours too and that means they always have a place at our table.

So how ’bout it? Come to Barnoa and make your holiday a little bit brighter.

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