Four Wines to Pair with Autumn Soups

.Nothing says fall or autumn quite like soup.  These are some of our favorite wines to pair with our favorite soups. Try them out– you may just find a match you really, truly love.

Chicken noodle and dry, citrus wines

Chicken noodle is as classic a fall soup as you can get. Perfect for cold, rainy days, it balances a delightfully salty taste with a thick and hearty mouthfeel. For that reason, we think wines that have a citrusy note pair best. Dry Chenin Blancs and pinot gris have enough acid to compensate without overwhelming the palette.

Squash soups with sweet whites

Nothing says fall so much as a thick, butternut squash or pumpkin soup. These soups are usually thick and rich, with strong spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. For that reason, we suggest a wine that is crisp, light, and refreshing with just a touch of sweetness. A pinot gris or a Gewürztraminer will work well, the latter especially as they tend to have complimentary cinnamon notes.

Chili and Dry Reds

Chili is thick and full-bodied. It’s typically made with beef and beans, so you need something hearty to match it. A dry Tempranillo or another Spanish red will do wonders. A Garnache will also match well with the strong tomato undertones that chili often has, and it won’t have to fight against the peppers if you like it spicy.

French Onion and light-bodied reds

French onion soup is a classic autumn staple. Salty, cheesy, and surprisingly sweet, this soup has all the best umami flavors, so it might seem difficult to find a complimentary wine. But a Beaujolais is just as complex, with tart berry flavors, and it’s not too powerful so it won’t overwhelm the delicate, long-cooked flavorings of the soup.

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